Fudge, Goldenrod and Teal....

It's my first time at The Play Date Cafe!  They have a sponsor called Practicing Creativity Designs this week--their stamps are beautiful, practical and affordable!  The colors this week are Fudge, Goldenrod, and Teal......with a very inspiring color story photo:

Love, love these colors!  Here is my submission:

I saw a blouse on a customer in the store I work in--it had little round mirrors on it, hung by strings.  It was an ugly blouse for sure, but I wanted to do the round mirrors on strings for a card!  You never know where you'll find inspiration!  Mirrors on strings and the PDCC color combo both feel very *retro* to me.  The sentiment also has the same feel, that's why I picked it.  I make deals with myself that I won't buy new if I can make due...thus, my stamp sets are limited.  I feel too guilty buying new stuff, especially if I haven't made any sales as of late...anyway, back to the matter at hand.  I dripped Alcohol Inks in Ginger, Butterscotch, and Stream onto Ranger Gloss Paper from about 2 feet above to make sure the drops would splatter a bit--love the effect!  Here is a quick photo tutorial of how I attached the strings and mirrors to the card.

I held the twine down flat on the front of the card where I wanted it to lay.

Then, holding the twine in place, I flipped the card over and folded the end of the twine over the back of the card.  I placed a second piece of twine next to the first and smacked a Glue Dot right over both ends of twine.  I do this by exposing a Glue Dot and pressing the whole roll over them.  If you try to peel them off with your fingers, it doesn't end well.....

You can see here that the Glue Dot covers both ends of twine and holds them in place.  This was a little tricky, and on some of them, I put the Glue Dot over one piece of twine, then laid the other piece on top of it--still stuck (Glue Dots are awesome!)

I used the back end of a paintbrush to really push the Glue Dot tight around the strings.  Um, it might be gross, but I wet the end of the paintbrush so it would not itself stick to the Glue Dot (and by wet it, I mean licked it.....you know you do stuff like that too....)

To finish off the card, I stuck a Glue Dot to the back of each mirror (got at J's for cheaps...not sure what section) and the Glue Dots stuck wonderfully to the double strings!  I was going to put a little placard for the sentiment, but I decided to stamp it directly on the Gloss Paper, so I had to peel up one side of the strings, but they went back together just fine!  And guess what I used to stick the whole thing onto the "goldenrod" card base--Glue Dots!
Thanks for looking!  I really enjoyed making this card--it came out exactly how I pictured it in my head.  That's a great day, right?!?!?

Cindy "ScrappyV"


  1. I love this...it's awesome!!! ;)

  2. Love the colors too! Fantastic card this week :) Thanks for playing with us at the Play Date Cafe!

  3. Soooo, stinkin' fun! LOVE it! Great, graphic design! Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at The Play Date Cafe!

  4. Ok, so when I first looked at your card, I thought that the splatters were a stamp - amazing that you created that effect on your own. I love how you were inspired by a blouse (I'm the same way, finding inspiration when I'm out and about). Fab card, fab graphic design and love how you've added the mirrors. Thanks so much for playing along at The Play Date Cafe this week.

  5. Absolutely beautiful work! So glad to have you with us in The Play Date Cafe...am your newest follower : ))

  6. This is STUNNING! So many delicious techniques and those hanging mirrors are fab, love it! Thanks for playing this week at the Play Date Cafe!

  7. That's so cool! I love the effect of the mirrors and the ink.
    Rosey x

  8. I really like what you did here. The mirror addition to the cards are great. The drops from a height are a creative way to make due. Cute!!


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