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How We Began Our "Urban Farm" Adventure


Hi, I'm Cindy, and I live in Dallas with my husband Joe and our 16 pets!  Although we live in the city, we have a decent sized yard and a huge love of animals.  We love and care for 8 chickens, 5 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and a dog.  We have a large garden, which we grow organically with no pesticides or chemicals.  We are not experts, by any means, we're just figuring it out as we go!

All this started when we moved in to our first house and ended up becoming best friends with our next door neighbors S&S.  It was kismet.  One day, they were out walking in our neighborhood and found a chicken walking on the sidewalk!!!  They couldn't keep her because they rented their house and their landlord (who lived on the other side of them) wouldn't allow chickens.  We obviously tried to find her owner, and even located several people in the neighborhood who have chickens--but we couldn't find who she belonged to.  So we kept her!  We had nothing.  We didn't even know what chickens ate. We named her Midge.  Because obviously.

She roamed the backyard during the day and slept in a cat carrier in our kitchen at night.  S&S agreed that they would build a coop and we would give them the eggs.  It was quite a time, having a chicken living in our house.  We will never forget the morning that she walked right into our bedroom--I had left the latch on her carrier open so she could move around.  Just strutted right into the bedroom making her little chicken noises.

S&S decided to get a friend for Midge to pal around with--so baby chick Martha came into the fray.  She was raised in S&S's garage and then joined Midge when she was big enough to be outside.  By that time, our coop was built, and they both lived full time outside.

Sadly, sweet Martha is no longer with us (she died of unknown causes), but chickens are kinda like potato chips--you can't just have one.  And you go to the store to buy chicken feed, and the baby chicks are there, and....you know how it goes.  The coop has undergone 3 or 4 renovations/additions when we've added to our flock. Midge is still with us today, we have no idea how old she is.  Still popping out eggs fairly regularly.  Still the HMIC (Head Midge in Charge). She started this whole thing.  Just walking around on the sidewalk and found by the right people.


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