A little gift for me!

So, a couple of days ago, after some *ahem* adult beverages, I took my dear boyfriend (fiancé, but I hate that word...) into the scrap room to play with some stamps.  I showed him how to stamp and color, "Isn't this fun? This is what I do all the time!"  He enjoyed the foray into childhood again, and yesterday, when I came home from work, this was what awaited me in the scrap room......

Yes, my dearest Joe has turned these adorable creatures into some sort of Cinemax late night show.....sigh.  Nice.  Virginia Lu has a segment on her blog called "Ask Dr. John," where she asks her husband questions about stamping and card making.  It's hilarious and this totally reminded me of that!  (Except Dr. John doesn't seem this inappropriate....) Have a great day!

Cindy ScrappyV


  1. How FUN is this!! DARLING card and so cute! Now Joe's got some TALENT!! This really put the biggest smile on my face today! You guys are a riot!!! And oh...yes, I think this is perfect fine for a young (and healthy!!) couple!! And Dr. John HAS to agree!


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