The First Harvest of 2017

Today it is unseasonably cold here in Dallas.  Actually, I don't think the word unseasonably ever applies to Dallas.  We often have 50 degree swings in one day--like it will be 35° in the morning and 85° by 5 pm.  Seriously.  It can snow one day, stay on the ground for one day, then melt in the 75° temps on the third day.  I believe the crazy weather adds to the friendliness of most Texans--the proverbial phrase, "Some weather, eh?" really means something here and can start actual conversations.  But it's nice having this touch of cold before the real summer heat ramps up.  I'm not ready for 100° temps for days on end....not yet Summer!!!!

The garden's growing very well--we've had lots of rain and lots of sunshine in between.  What's interesting is that some seeds from tomatoes have obviously made their way through the chickens' and into the ground--there are rogue tomato plants all over.  I guess that's nature's way!
There's Jake in the background, drinking water out of a dirty lid.  Because we obviously don't give him fresh water.  Sigh.

Today, we went out to do some weeding and we had some things all ready to harvest! We planted seedlings only a month ago, and already we have these beauties, ready for tonight's dinner:

I never even saw purple string beans before (which is saying something--I am a vegetarian, green beans are my favorite vegetable, AND I work in a grocery store known for their produce), and now I've harvested them right from my garden! I cannot wait to eat them tonight. We'll be making a meal from GreenChef tonight, carrot risotto with asparagus.  I absolutely hate asparagus, so we'll be substituting our beautiful string beans.  I've been doing GreenChef for about 6 weeks now, and I super love it.  The meals are beyond delicious and unbelievably beautiful.  If anyone wants to try GreenChef for FREE, email me at, with Boxer Farm GreenChef in the subject.  I'll send you a code for a week of free meals for two.  You'll love it, we do! Have a great weekend, everyone!

So...the purple beans turn green when they're cooked!  What the?!?!?! I feel robbed. S has white ones--I wonder what will happen to them when they're cooked!  


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