Etsy is Official!

So, I finally got a card set posted on Etsy!  My shop is called love4cards and I am so totally excited to be up and running!  My plan is to post a new item or two everyday.  I have been working on a lot of cards, so I have a lot of items to sell.  I've also been entering a lot of challenges, as you can see. It's been quite a lot of work and I'm sure it will continue to be a learning experience, but it feels great!

I've been so inspired by so many bloggers, etsy sellers, etc.  I'm so grateful to be part of a community where people share their information and are so supportive of each other!  Thanks to all my readers--if you like my stuff, please follow my blog, send me a link to yours.  I hope to keep growing and growing.

Cindy "ScrappyV"


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