A Night at the Opera..Project Runway Challenge #2

This week's episode of Project Runway All Stars included guest judges Mark Badgley and James Mischka, and Georgina Chapman (of Marchesa)...do they not all three make the most amazing evening gowns??  Oh, how I would love to wear a Marchesa wedding dress (someday....)

The designers' challenge was to create a couture gown that could be worn to the opera.  They had a budget of $350 at Mood, and one day to create the look!  Badgley and Mischka mentioned that the gown should be classic, elegant, romantic, feminine, soft, etc.  Austin Scarlett won this challenge with a gold lame dress...but I liked the other two highest score dresses better.

Oh, how to interpret this into a card???  I decided to just do a really beautiful, elegant card.  Something you would give to a couple at a black tie affair.  I gave myself a budget of $15...doesn't seem like that much, but for this girl, who rarely buys anything without a coupon, that's a lot.  Since a huge part of this challenge was the short amount of time the designers had to make their gown, I decided to give myself only one hour to make this card!

Without further ado, here is the design I came up with:

The one hour time limit was really difficult!  I finished just in time.  I like the look of the rhinestones, but I wish I had placed them closer together at the bottom left corner.  All in all, I think my scores would have qualified me to move onto the next round!  Ha ha!  I wish there was a little more complicated fold, or something like that, but the time really didn't allow.   It was really nice to just see what I liked and buy it!  Ha!   Also, I love the way this challenge has sparked my creativity--forcing me to step out of my comfort zone and really try new things.  Until next week....

Cindy ScrappyV


  1. I LOVE it!! Are you selling it or keeping it??

  2. BLINGbeautiful!! I love how you have it flowing over the card front... it's totally fantastic!


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