Project Runway Challenge #4...Gelato Inspired

OMG!  This challenge went by so quick!  Part of the challenge each week for me is how to interpret the challenges from Project Runway into my card making.  They don't all translate that easily, but I think that's part of the fun for me...figuring that out really cranks up the ol' brain cells.

This week, the designers had to create a look inspired by a gelato flavor and they only had 6 HOURS (plus a little time to sketch and buy fabric) to finish!  That's the fastest challenge in Project Runway history!  So, how to interpret this for me??  I decided to choose my favorite look at the end of the show and create a card based on that in 15 minutes!!!!  Since I gave myself an hour when PR gave the designers a day, it makes sense that 6 hours would translate to 15 minutes...oy vey!  I also gave myself 5 minutes to think and shop my stash.

I really loved Mondo's look based on cantaloupe--I totally love resort wear, it always takes me back to some great vacations Joe and I have taken, so that's the one I chose:

Here is my (15 minute) interpretation:

The time flew by!  There was no time to dilly dally over which sentiment, which ribbon, etc.  It was just--get it on there!  I am pleased with the result, but it's not ground breaking.  I have had that green paper for like 2 years and love it so much that I never could actually use it--so glad the time challenge forced me to just CUT it!  So, depending on the judge's moods this week, I'm either safe or in the bottom because I feel like it's just "fine."  What do you think???  Tuning in tonight to figure out how in the world I am going to get through another challenge!!!

Cindy ScrappyV


  1. Fabulous! Can't believe you made this in just 15 minutes... what a wonderful result! (and I'm glad I you used your green paper, it was worth admiring... but better on a card)


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