Project Runway Challenge #9..The Black Light

This week's challenge was to say the least, challenging!  The designers had to design a creation to be shown under a black light, using all kinds of lighting.  Kind of reminded me of this wedding dress that was on a show about the Gypsies of Ireland...I digress.....

Since you can't really attach lights to a card in any practical way whatsoever, I decided to focus on the black light part of it.  White and neon colors really pop under the black light, so I went with that.  I bought a black light bulb at Lowe's, but it was really dim.  I wanted to photograph it in the dark with the black light, but that was kind of a bust.  So, here is the creation in daylight:

So, for all the issues I had with this challenge (a day late, no black light, no lights, etc), I do sort of love this card!  It's for my Uncle Steve who is in the hospital yet again...he's had a rough year, health-wise, so I wanted to send a little card.  My Stamp-a-ma-jig got quite a bit of use on this one because that bandage stamp is from a Michael's dollar bin stamp and it's not clear!  Under a black light, I think this would look so cool!  I'm really happy with it and I have discovered that I'm not so much of a stamper...this took me forever!  :)  Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

Cindy ScrappyV


  1. This is too cool! Love the 'neon' highlights, and that bg is perfect!


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