Project Runway Challenge....#10!!

So, this is the last "regular" challenge before the finale of Project Runway!  I've not decided how I am going to present my "collection" just yet, but the wheels, they are a'turnin!

This week, the designers had to create a design that would fit into a collection belonging to Nanette Lepore.  In the spirit of the economy sucking, they had to budget themselves to get a high profit margin on the outfit.  They worked with a coster to figure out how much money their design would sell for and how much budget they had to work with.  It seemed it averaged out to about 1/10th the cost of the finished garment.  So, I used this figure to come up with my design.

I sell cards in my Etsy shop, so I do have a bit of practice with this type of thing, although I do admit, it is NOT my forte.  I tend to think that if it looks awesome, it's worth it, regardless of the cost.  Obviously, that's no way to run a business, but I am an artist and I can't be held back!!!  Getting back on topic, I decided to design a card that can be easily reproduced in quantity and is very inexpensive to make.  And, since I am currently obsessed with 1. ombre 2. hot pink and 3. hot pink ombre, this is what I did:

Here are the stats for this:  total cost of materials for 4 of these cards is between $.92 and $1.00 (it's really hard to estimate how much embossing powder and Distress Ink is used per card, so I just guessed about $.01 to $.02 each). Since I sell my 4 card sets for $16, that falls well below the limits the designers had.  Woooo!  Easy card, I think it's striking, and fun!  Thanks for looking!

Cindy ScrappyV


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